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Recently, a research has shown that alcohol is less harmful for people over the age of 50. Studies have proved that health risks are lower and less severe comparatively. It is well-known that regular and heavy drinking leads to numerous serious health issues. They might be heart ailments, few types of cancer, liver damage and many other complications. Heavy drinking is further linked to damage to the nervous system and brain. Having said that, it is further proven that drinking in moderation has health benefits. 

As per records, drinking alcohol in average quantity also has a protective effect for overall health. A recent study has shown that moderate drinking protects against cardiovascular diseases. However, reports and researches have shown different results and there is a debate that is going on between the researchers. With time and studies developing at a rapid pace, a fresh approach has been taken on the research. Researchers have found that the previous systems of the studies had some flaws in them. According to them, these studies have been carried out at people under the age-group of 50.

According to fresh studies, around 40 percent of people have expired under the age of 50 due to consumption of alcohol. They say, people who are established drinkers have survived of the alcohol consumption over 50 years. They have had a healthy lifestyle or a guarded drinking pattern. Different analysis has further showed that alcohol related hazards are heavily dependent on an individual’s age. The levels increase up to a certain age and then go down depending on the drinking pattern and lifestyle maintained. It has been reported that almost 35.8 percent deaths due to alcohol occurred to people between the age of 20-49. Meanwhile only 4.5 percent were prevented of mishaps due to the drinking pattern  Although, when a study was done at people over 65 results were completely different. The deaths reported were lesser at 35 percent. The most shocking revelation is yet to come, which is a whopping 80 percent of prevention of death in this age group has been seen. The researchers noticed this huge contrast of age groups when calculated the number of years that were lost due to alcohol. They reported that around 58.4 percent of all the total years that were lost are aged 20-49 years. Only 14.5 percent of the remaining age group survived because of drinking, the continuous pattern and the lifestyle. It can be concluded that young individuals are more prone to more health hazards than older people. However there may be exceptions die to the drinking pattern.